Icona Vintage
Kettle Etnica 2-Slice Toaster Etnica 4-Slice Toaster Etnica
Kettle Dolcevita 2-Slice Toaster Dolcevita 4-Slice Toaster Dolcevita Pump Espresso Dolcevita
Kettle Olivia 2-Slice Toaster Olivia 4-Slice Toaster Olivia Pump Espresso Olivia
Kettle Anita 2-Slice Toaster Anita 4-Slice Toaster Anita Pump Espresso Anita
Kettle Storica 2-Slice Toaster Storica 4-Slice Toaster Storica Pump Espresso Storica
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Icona Vintage Etnica
Icona Vintage Dolcevita
Icona Vintage Olivia
Icona Vintage Anita
Icona Vintage Storica
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